About the Department

Department of Chemistry was established in 1998 and started its educational activities in 2003-2004. As of 2019, 25 faculty members carry out educational activities with 1 research assistant and 3 lecturers (applied units).

Our department consists of five main departments: Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and research activities, bio-analytical, colloid, electro-analytical, spectroscopic and chromatographic analysis, development of micro-extraction techniques, pharmaceutical chemistry, nanoparticle chemistry, natural chemistry products chemistry, organic chemistry, polymer chemistry.

Our students benefit from the research infrastructure throughout their education and gain the necessary professional experience before graduation. They are integrated into the world through international exchange programs.


The aim is to maximize the knowledge, experience and research capabilities of the graduates, to educate undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level researchers who can adapt to the competitive order of the modern world, have high self-confidence, strong entrepreneurial aspect. To be aware of the problems faced by humanity, to make researches on these issues, to produce projects and to contribute to the development of the country by converting the results into technology.


To achieve international standards in education and training, to make new research with its research infrastructure and competent teaching staff, to produce information and to present this information to the benefit of humanity. In addition to this, it is to be a respected department that makes a name for itself in the world which can produce effective solutions with the information and technology it produces as a result of its researches on the current problems of the modern world.